How the Ceremony Flows

How the Ceremony Flows

The spoken legal requirements for the ceremony will be typed in blue on the draft that I’ll email you.

Give some thought to whether there are particular songs you’d like played during the ceremony. There are a few good moments; the beginning of the ceremony is an excellent place to start. 

I’ve found that welcoming family and friends from where they have travelled is a good opener and I also introduce myself, that’s the first legality out of the way.

Following on from your story I’ll ask the person entrusted with your rings (rings are optional) to have them ready and that is swiftly followed by the ‘monitum’, which is the legal definition of marriage in Australia. The new wording as of December 2017 is “the union of two people”.

Then it’s your turn, I’ll ask you to repeat the sentence that joins you as a married couple, you both need to do that part – more blue typing. If you’re having wedding rings this is when you can slide them on.

Once the rings are on you’re almost legit and there’s time for a quick kiss, I don’t get involved with this bit.

You can write vows to each other if you like plus add in extras such as readings, poetry, songs, the options are endless. The only rule is keeping the blue typing.

There will be 3 lots of paperwork to sign. You’ll need 2 witnesses both over the age of 18. This is the perfect moment for guests to grab a drink and there’s time for another song if you fancy.

Once the paperwork has been signed you are a legally married couple. I can introduce you and present you with the certificate of marriage – it’s worth showing off, the calligraphy is a work of art and it rounds off the ceremony.

You’ll now be bombarded by well-wishers and my suggestion is to greet the family first. And cue the music.

If you opt to have an aisle some couples choose to walk back up the aisle together – usually towards the drinks. If you want to have a confetti moment for your photo album this is a good time to get showered.

Happy days!

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