Legal Stuff

Marriage paperwork, jargon and what to expect

Legal Stuff

Marriage paperwork, jargon and what to expect.

The primary piece of paperwork to get the ball rolling is the Notice of Intended Marriage and is to be filled out one month (or a maximum of 18 months) prior to the marriage. I have this form as a hard copy or you can download it from the Attorney General’s website here.

You are both required to provide evidence of your name, date of birth and place of birth. Your original birth certificate or passport is ideal for this. If using your birth certificate please provide a current form of photo ID such as Drivers Licence or Proof of Age card.

Documents you provide must be in English or accompanied with an approved NAATI translation.

The NOIM requires the full names of your parents and their country of birth. Your birth certificate will have this information.

If you have been married before you will need to supply evidence that your previous marriage has been terminated.

I will give you some reading material. Part of my legal obligation is to hand you Happily Ever... Before and After, an information leaflet for couples who intend to marry. I will also give you information on the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, which states I must tell you How to Make a Complaint.

The Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage needs to be signed before your ceremony.

On the day you will require two witnesses, both over 18 to sign 3 marriage certificates. Usually the couple chooses one witness each. You get to keep the posh Certificate of Marriage. It is a legal document and absolute proof of marriage so put it somewhere safe.

Following the ceremony I submit your completed paperwork to the relevant state Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Around 7 working days later your standard Certificate of Marriage will arrive from The Registry. This document is needed if either of you wish to change your name.

Photography Credit: Christina Mishell

Photography Credit: Christina Mishell