Writing the Ceremony

Writing the Ceremony

Apart from the legal component, which is comprised of a few lines, I start with a blank page.

My style is to recreate your story, include a few laughs and generally keep the proceedings light which hopefully sets the tone for the celebrations that follow.

You’ll have a good idea of who will be at the ceremony; I’ll be guided by you for the content. What you choose to divulge is totally up to you and of course the ceremony is emailed to you for approval and editing.

I ask that the ceremony is emailed back to me a week prior to your marriage.

•   Obvious, but how did you meet?

•   When you met, was it a light bulb moment or more of a slow burn?

•   What do you like about each other?

•   Have you got a memorable story from your time together?

•   Was there a proposal?

•   Did you choose the venue for a reason?

•   Have people travelled from far and near to be here?

•   What’s your view on cameras and phones at the ceremony?

•   If you have a traditional element you’d like to incorporate let me know.

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